Accelerated Product Teams

Accelerated Product Teams

Over the last ten years, working with agile, DevOps and lean startup methods, I have developed an approach to building and improving digital products and the teams that build them.

Arbuckle’s Second Law:

As with products, teams that improve more slowly than the markets they serve are doomed for disruption or irrelevance.

Arbuckle’s Third Law:

In the majority of teams only 10% of features developed actually produce the kind of customer behaviour that generate revenue.

(The first law has to do with compliance.)

I call teams shaped in response to these ‘laws’, the accelerated product team.

What is an accelerated product team?

An accelerated product team:

  • is agile.
  • deploys daily to live production using continuous delivery.
  • defines and tests hypotheses of customer behaviour in small pieces and only further invests in those that are proven.
  • is full stack. Consisting of all those involved in building and supporting the product, from ‘product owner’ to ‘operations’.

How do I build an accelerated product team?

  • Don’t worry about scale until you have a scale problem (which is a good problem to have). Start with one product and set revenue and growth targets for it.
  • Dedicate team resources to the product - this is your new product team.
  • Get someone who can coach technical and commercial team members in how to work and improve both the team and the product together.

How do I start?

  • I suggest 3 day workshop. I call it the “Accelerated Product Workshop” This is the best place to start. You can run this workshop yourself using these tools.
  • The APW guides a dedicated team of resources and their leadership in shaping a backlog of work that builds a compelling outcome for the customer one sprint at a time.

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