About Me

Justin Arbuckle is a passionate proponent of the transformative potential of Agile, Lean and DevOps in large enterprises and the transformational role of technology leaders in business.

Previously he was VP of Transformation at CHEF Software where he built and led a team helping large enterprises become high velocity software businesses.

Before his startup adventure, Justin was at GE Capital. As CTO of EMEA he led the Europe-wide functional restructuring of the IT organisation and as Global Chief Architect he introduced and sponsored an integrated approach to agile, Lean and DevOps.

Justin has been an executive on three continents; working in Financial Services for the last 20 years in diverse areas as innovation, venture capital and consulting.

Justin is also the lead maintainer of the Continuous Transformation Practise, open sourced on github under creative commons, available here.

Justin reads voraciously, especially philosophy, and enjoys hiking with his family.